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As a Financial Advisor our goal is: Helping you achieve the purpose and plan for your life, through financial planning and portfolio management. Contact us for a free review.  Founded by Allan Malina in 2009, Servus Capital Management (SCM) is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm through the State of Virginia. Servus serves families, businesses and non-profits throughout the United States. Servus, pronounced “ser-woos”, is a Latin word that means “servant”. As such, our main focus and primary objective is to serve our clients. We want to help you manage your investments and design customized financial plans that meet your unique goals – not ours.

Have questions about an old 401(k) or other company retirement plan, simply fill out the request for information and we will gladly be back in touch with you to answer your questions.

We also specialize in helping families deal with assets when they loose a loved one.  Allan lost his mom to lung cancer several years back and he understands the need to work with the family through those though times.

History and Focus of SCM

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Retirement Income Planning

Learn about retirement plans, investment management and other services to help you understand what is available to you in the years to come.

Family Investment Options

We know that most families have different ideas in mind when it comes to their long-term vision. We offer a variety of family investment options to help you make your long-term vision, more and more of reality.

Planning Tools You Can Use

Our focus is to lighten your load, and help maximize your resources without increasing expenditures. 

Your Goals & Your Determination

We all have goals that seem out of reach for the moment. We want to help you determine what measures and steps can make those goals far more attainable. We have helped others with their plans and we would be glad to help you.

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We’d be honored to work with you to make your financial goals a reality.


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