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Servus Capital Management Financial Wealth Planning

Founded by Allan Malina in 2009, Servus Capital Management (SCM) is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm in the state of Virginia. Servus serves families, businesses and non-profits throughout the United States. Servus, pronounced “ser-woos”, is a Latin word that means “servant”. As such, our main focus and primary objective is to serve our clients. We want to help you manage your investments and design customized financial plans that meet your unique goals – not ours. Unlike capital management firms that deal with one sole broker, SCM is not affiliated with a particular broker. This flexibility ensures that our goals are aligned with yours every step of the way.

Our Founder’s Story

In 1996, I sustained significant injuries after a car accident. And, as a result, I was on disability for several years. My career path was set out on a different course, and I returned to college to complete my degree.

As a way to reintroduce myself into the workforce, I was given the opportunity to work with donors and charitable gifting plans at Liberty University. I eventually worked in Estate Planning, where I helped with day-to-day operations of the trust and gift annuity funds, and was first introduced to Portfolio Management. By 2002, I had started working for Morgan Stanley and eventually moved to Merrill Lynch in 2005. While I worked for these companies, I received excellent training and made many friends, but became frustrated by how broker dealer companies function.

I wanted to establish a company so that my clients wouldn’t wonder about my recommendations. To ensure trust, I designed Servus to be 100% fee-based, which means that regardless of how many changes we make, we do not receive additional commission for those changes. We work hard for you – not for ourselves.

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