Investment Planning For Your Family

Our focus is to wisely manage your family’s financial resources by approaching investing with a holistic approach. This approach starts with developing a goal-driven financial roadmap. Every family and client has different goals, risk tolerance and preferred investment vehicles. Using those preferences, our clients determine the depth and breadth of how much we manage. Some families, for example, use Servus to manage investments, whereas others rely on Servus for budgeting, finding the right insurance policies, building a home, or helping to mitigate risk and accumulate wealth in other ways. Our goal is to help you succeed.

Our custom-tailored investment portfolios are designed with your family’s unique goals in mind. We walk into our initial consultation with a blank sheet of paper, and, together, build a roadmap to success that you are comfortable with.

Retirement planningRetirement Planning

Do you look forward to the golden years of retirement, but aren’t sure how to plan for the future financially? Our goal at Servus is to help you take the guesswork out of retirement planning and give our clients peace of mind.

When we work with families on retirement planning, our clients fall into two distinct stages: accumulation and distribution. Some families need a more extensive, holistic form of financial planning in order to achieve their retirement goals. In other cases, clients simply need wise and data-informed strategic asset management. Regardless of where you are, we are here to help you build a comprehensive and feasible retirement plan that meets your needs. Once your plan is in place, we constantly monitor it and make necessary adjustments along the way to make sure it remains in alignment with your goals.

Financial planning for your familyTrust Management

Protect your wealth by setting up insurance trust, living trust, or charitable remainder trusts. At Servus, we are more than willing to work with any other trusted advisors, including attorneys and CPAs to make sure that your return on investment is maximized.

Investment planning in VirginiaFINANCIAL PLANNING

Our goal is to help you plan your finances wisely so that you can plan for the future. We’ve worked with clients in many different areas, depending on unique goals. Are you hoping to plan your estate, college education, a budget, or, perhaps, a special event, such as a 25th anniversary cruise or wedding. We want to work you to achieve your specific goals based on your comfort level.

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