Business Case Studies

Since we value and set client confidentiality as a priority, the best way to show how SCM works with its clients is through case studies. Please note: Case studies are used to highlight how SCM serves clients; past performance is no guarantee of future results. Also, all names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of SCM clients. Please read the disclosure page for more information. 


401(k) plan 31066703_madvising

The Situation:

Recently we sat down with a Physician to discuss his goals after his practice was closed for the day. We learned that while he passionately serves his patients, he also likes to enjoy his hobbies and family activities. His goals were simple; to have quality service and a diversified portfolio.

Our Strategy:

We scheduled a meeting two weeks later. We then went back to the office to design a strategy. We first developed a diversified portfolio across many asset classes that fit his risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals. Then we set up a review process that will be scheduled with quarterly meetings and occasional email correspondences.


Our next meeting with the Physician was again in his practice after hours. We discussed the diversified portfolio and the suggested review schedule. After he decided he would like to meet every six months, and have more email communications we then started to implement the strategy.

Monitoring Progress:

The portfolio was purchased and the review process was implemented. Working with the administrator of the retirement plan, and having him use Servus360 has helped us serve him in greater capacity.


Mortgage family planningAnalyzing Mortgage Debt


A construction firm not only built properties they also invested in real estate. They had developed a significant portfolio of investment properties. Approximately 65% of the properties were financed through a commercial mortgage. Since interest rates were very low they wanted to explore the ability to refinance.


Since SCM does not do mortgages or any type of finance, we needed to bring on board a quasi-team member. We contacted several lending institutions and determined what they needed to provide a quote to us.


Since the owners are so busy we scheduled a meeting 6 weeks later where we discussed the required information the lenders needed. We collected all the data and submitted it to the lenders.

Monitoring Progress:

The construction firm decided to wait, due to the interest rate environment. They have been given the quotes and we are in contact with them on a regular basis.


Cash Management42270941_m


A Dentist has had a successful business for several years and now wanted to determine what to do with the excess cash. We sat down with the Dentist and his wife to discuss their objectives and how much risk they were willing to take.


After we determined their objectives, we designed a strategy that would allocate their extra cash to a medium term investment vehicle.


A follow-up meeting was scheduled for three weeks from the initial meeting, but this time in our office. As we sat down and discussed the strategy, it was determined that we had understood what they had wanted and we implemented the strategy.


Servus360 is the main tool that the Dentist uses to monitor the cash management. We met on occasion, but his focus is too have reviews every 6 months.

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