Corporate Retirement Plans


We’re glad you asked. Here are three big ways that Servus Capital Management can help your organization manage corporate 401(k) plans to get you, and your employees, the most of of your retirement plan investment. Our main focus is to provide Lower Fee Retirement Plan or 401k.

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1. 10-50% LESS FEES

Let’s take a second to break down what actually goes into the plan management fees you’re paying. Corporate 401(k) plan fees are typically broken down into two things: administrative fees and investment vehicle fees. The problem is, many brokers take advantage of these fee structures. In fact, a recent CNBC article states that brokers who are compensated financially tend to steer people into bad retirement investments that have high fees and poor returns. This costs clients in the U.S. up to $17 billion per year, based on White House estimates.

Because Servus Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor, we have the flexibility to build more diverse and accommodating portfolios. Plus, our services save you 30-40% more than the average broker by cutting fees alone. 

  • Our fee: 0.836%
  • Their fee: 1.36%

Who directly benefits from these fee savings? Your employees. By using an independent RIA like Servus, participants in your retirement plan could save 38% in fees, which means tens of thousands of dollars added to their retirement funds with no extra effort. 

This is an example of how we may save the employees money by reducing the fees.  The reduction in fees is determined by who is currently administering the plan, investments, plan assets and other areas that typically have a fee associated. The above fee structure is from a real world example and may differ from your results.  Contact us for an analysis of your company retirement plan.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 05.46.58 pm2. SERVICE FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES

Many investment advisory firms will set up your retirement fund and stop right there. At Servus, we want our relationship with your employees to continue. We work with your employees one on one and walk through our signature four-step process to determine their individual retirement goals. 



Fiduciary duty is a significant responsibility for an employee to bear. Many people who have fiduciary duty, do not realize that they are personally liable for plan losses. 

  • You are legally responsible to act solely in another party’s interestsScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 05.48.25 pm
  • You cannot profit from your relationship with the principals without consent
  • You can be personally liable for any losses to the plan

Servus Capital Management owe fiduciary duty to many businesses in Virginia. This alleviates an employee from bearing personal liability for the plan and saves time by streamlining communication between the principals, the plan participants, and the RIA managing the plan. 

Stop Paying More for your 401(k) plan.

Servus customers save 10 – 50% on corporate retirement plans.

What would that mean for your team?