Do You Wonder About Your Retirement Income?

What will my retirement income be?

Retirement Income Calculator

Figuring out retirement income.

Number one question I get from people is, “How much income will I have in retirement?”

Often the answer is easy to determine, but sometimes there are many moving parts.  The calculator below will help you find answers but also, clarity and peace of mind.  Clarity as to what, when and where the next steps that are to betaken.  Peace of mind knowing what is available to you as you enter retirement.

As you go through the calculator there may be old pensions, IRA accounts, or other investments that you can not locate a statement for.  Give me a call or email me, then I can help you locate the pertinent information.  Often companies sell assets, change names or are merged with other institutions.

Finally, don’t worry about the task before you. If the calculator is daunting, then I am here to help.  

DAVE RAMSEY having an interview with a soon to be retiree.

Dave Ramsey has published How to Plan for Retirement

How to Plan for Retirement in 4 Steps

Step 1: Set Your Retirement Goals

Step 2: Save 15% of Your Income

Step 3: Invest for the Long Term

Step 4: Work With a Financial Advisor

Use the Retirement Income Calculator to help understanding what the first year of retirement looks like. Just fill in the values and the calculations are made for you.  Then you can have have the results emailed to you.


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