Moved with compassion, we want to give to those that have been impacted by the devastating hurricane to hit Texas.  We have seen the pictures and reports of Harvey and we want to act and to share what we have been blessed with to help our brothers and sisters in Texas.  Here are a few organizations and where to donate in and around Lynchburg Virginia to help provide relief to the victims of Harvey.

Gleaning for the World

They are sending multiple tractor trailer loads of disaster relief into the Houston area.  They are collecting at Sam’s in Lynchburg, Virginia or here

God’s Pit Crew

Two tractor trailer loads containing Blessing Buckets and more have been sent to Texas. These truckloads, filled with essential relief supplies, will be disbursed to those in need. Donate here

Salvation Army

As Hurricane Harvey causes widespread damage across Texas, The Salvation Army is ready to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care to survivors and relief workers. Salvation Army disaster teams from across the country are mobilizing and, even after disaster response efforts are over, The Salvation Army will remain in communities impacted by this terrible storm, supporting long-term disaster recovery efforts and providing ongoing assistance to those in need. Donate here: Donating to Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

President Franklin Graham has approved the deployment of all five of our U.S. disaster relief units to southeastern Texas. These tractor trailers, stocked with emergency relief equipment and supplies, will help our staff and volunteers meet some of the mammoth needs created by Hurricane Harvey. Donate: Donate to Samaritan’s Purse