Various Disclosures By Servus Capital Management

Servus Capital Management, LLC (SCM) has registered with the state of Virginia within the United States. Please view the page “ABOUT SERVUS”, to research our firm and then read our ADV part II and our privacy pledge with this link.

SCM’s website is for information and marketing purposes only as we do not provide advice through our website. If a “Linked” website or research report suggests any investment or plan, it is not intended by SCM to be specific recommendation or a suggestion to you. If you are interested in any article or “Link” then please contact SCM for an appointment to discuss your risk tolerance, objectives, time horizon among other items.

SCM uses various pictures throughout the website. They are a representation of our clients, not pictures of actual clients. Case studies are meant for informational purposes only. The case studies are not meant to suggest a specific plan of action for you; nor are the case studies meant to imply any future performance. They simply are meant to highlight our service and problem-solving focus.

SCM does not guarantee or warrant any information obtained in or through this website. SCM has obtained information believed to be reliable and from what SCM believes are reliable sources, but SCM does not guarantee or warrant the information.

IMPORTANT: SCM makes the point – nothing in this website should be interpreted or implied that past performance is an indication of future performance. SCM has provided links to other service providers as a service to our clients, SCM is not liable for errors by those service providers because we do not control those websites or other information that may be provided.


SCM does not provide advice through this website. If you desire advice from SCM, SCM must deliver the form ADV part II and execute a client agreement.

Any retirement plan reduction in fees shown within the website is an example of how we may save the employees money by reducing the fees.  The reduction in fees is determined by who is currently administering the plan, investments, plan assets and other areas that typically have a fee associated.