About Us

My name is Allan Malina, the founder and president of Servus Capital Management (SCM). SCM was formed in the spring of 2009 and we began receiving clients June the 5th, 2009. Servus is pronounced ser-woos. Many people pronounce it service. Frankly, it does not matter how it is pronounced as long as people realize our focus.

About Servus Capital Management

"Servus" is the Latin word for servant or slave. Please see: Definition of Servus for more details. The main goal is for this firm to serve our clients. It is our desire to help you manage your investments and design financial plans in order for you to achieve your goals, not ours. We understand helping our clients is one part of service, and financial performance is an outgrowth of that service.

SCM is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. This means we are registered with and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States Government. You can go to their website at www.sec.gov for further information.

As an RIA firm we are not affiliated with a broker dealer. A few examples of a broker dealer would be Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, Edward Jones, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Since we are not affiliated with a broker dealer we can offer any investment vehicle regardless of the custodian. Since we are a RIA firm we do not take custody of any asset; we use a custodian. Those custodians could be one of the broker dealers we previously mentioned. We work with our clients in helping them choose the best custodian who meets their needs as well as comfort level.

Please read "The Interview"; there SCM is discussed in greater detail and many of the common questions we receive are answered. If you have a question that has not been answered, please feel free to contact me directly.

What is the history of Servus Capital Management?

As the result of a car accident in 1996 in which I sustained significant injuries and was on disability for several years, my career path was set on a different course. At the end of my recovery I returned to college to complete my degree in May of 2001.

As a way to reintroduce myself into the workforce and continue my education, I was given an opportunity at Liberty University to work with donors and their charitable gifting plans. I was blessed and given much favor in this arena and eventually worked in the Estate Planning Department where I helped with the day to day operations of the trust and gift annuity funds, but a specific area captured my heart, Portfolio Management. During this time I realized I had been given the natural ability to manage investments, so I left Liberty University with fear and trepidation for Morgan Stanley.

I began with Morgan Stanley (2002) and eventually moved to Merrill Lynch 2005, both of which are used by a few SCM clients as their custodians today. In the years I worked for these two companies I received very good training and gained many friends, but became frustrated how the broker dealer companies are set up and function.

Here are a few things which built my desire to open an RIA firm.

  • To carry the responsibility as a fiduciary. Having been in a bidding process for a University’s endowment, I realized that as a financial advisor at a broker dealer I could not take on the responsibility as a fiduciary for that University when it came to their assets. It clearly gave me the sense that the University was left to make these decisions on their own with no accountability as to what was suggested.
  • To offer investment advice. As I worked with company retirement plans, I was not allowed to offer investment advice as to what investments to choose. Rather, only general nonspecific information about investment choices and asset allocation suggestions.
  • Potential lost opportunity. In late 2008, upon discussing my philosophy of managing investments with a CFO of a University, he liked what I explained and the University was opening up the endowment for presentations. In excitement I asked if I could take part. The CFO said, “No, because I was affiliated with a broker dealer”.
  • Understanding the times. Over 2008 and 2009 I had many meetings with clients, working to reassure them and explain what was happening as banks and broker dealers were being bailed out and how that turmoil affected their accounts and goals.
  • Provide trustworthy and accountable service. In an arena where people and motives are constantly questioned – there needs to be honesty and integrity. I wanted to establish a company so that the clients of SCM did not wonder about the recommendation being given or if there is an ulterior motive to the recommendation. We are 100% fee based, so regardless of how many changes are made we do not receive additional compensation (commission) for those changes.
About Servus Capital Management

On June 5th, 2009 Servus Capital Management was launched and we began accepting clients immediately. In forming and building the firm – the focus is serving the clients. Therefore, SCM must have extensive tools to make the lives our clients better and easier. From web aggregation, to financial planning, to developing a firm which serves its clients, SCM is committed to providing the services and advice that will help our clients meet their goals.